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The Process

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Here at Denver Website Repair we specialize in rebound relationships. We specialize in helping clients who have had bad experiences with other web designers, who found out too late that their work was outsourced overseas, ?or whose projects seemed to incessantly extend beyond the original timelines set by their web ?designers. Taking on these projects requires a bit of patience and a lot of care, since these sites can be left in any state of disarray, malfunction, or disorder. Cleaning up these messes often requires us to work somewhat like auto mechanics – we’ll troubleshoot the problems you’re having, give you an estimate as to how much work will be required to repair your issues, and then get started!

We also develop ongoing relationships with clients who’d like to have their websites regularly tweaked or maintained. This relationship is helpful because the client can continue to work with a team of web designers who understands their project and their goals. This is often more satisfying to all parties involved.

Of course, if you’d like to save yourself the hassle of the rebound,?we can also build your site from scratch. We’ll provide you with a quality site done right the first time, saving you the hassle of cleaning up messes.

Check out our process and the principles of our approach, and we think you’ll find out just why we’re so good at helping troubled clients with troubled pages.



Step 1: Consultation

When you contact us at Denver Website Repair, we will have a conversation with you about the current state of your project, your needs, your budget, your timeline, and your goals. We will try to get a picture of what has already been completed on your site, as well as what needs to be finished. If part or all of your website is broken or malfunctioning, we will of course need to troubleshoot these issues before knowing exactly what is needed.

Troubleshooting problems requires that we know exactly what is going wrong with your site before we start the work, so sometimes this consultation will require that we take a look at your back end. Like a mechanic looking under the hood of a car, we sometimes need to take a look before we know how to resolve your website??s issues.

Step 2: Quote + Timeline

After we have gathered information from you about your needs, we will provide you with a quote and a timeline for how much your work will cost as well as how long it will take. We can tailor your project to fit your budget, or scale your project up to fit your ambitions. If you are in a hurry, we even offer a rush option!

Step 3: Choosing a Payment Option

After you??ve received your quote, we will discuss payment options with you, and help you select the payment plan that best fits your project and your preferences.

Step 4: Project Progress, Updates, and Workflow

Once we start your project, you will be kept in the loop via our secure, private, project management area. You will be able to ask questions, post difficulties, and provide our team with feedback. We will also ask you questions in the same area. This way, our web designers know exactly what you need, you know exactly where your project is, and all communications are recorded and logged for future reference.

Step 5: Project Completion

Upon completion of your project, we will review the work with you and make sure that everything is as you originally specified. Of course, if you??d like to expand your project after working with us, we??d always be more than happy to help you meet your goals.


At Denver Website Repair, we pride ourselves on good communication. We use a secure, private, online project management tool called Basecamp that allows clients post questions, receive timely answers, and review work as it is completed and uploaded. Using this communication tool allows for a consolidated record of communication that allows everyone involved to track the progress of the project. Basecamp is simple to use, and our clients appreciate how it facilitates communication between themselves, our administration team, and our web designers and developers.

We strive to help clients clarify their needs and desires so that we can meet their expectations the first time. This often involves clarifying conversations about web design concepts, functionality, budget, and timelines before the work even begins.

When web design is purposeful, it is functional. We design with the client’s needs and end use in mind so that we can deliver useful sites that serve their purpose and are ultimately as functional as possible.

Many clients who have worked with other web designers complain that their timelines are not respected. At Denver Website Repair, not only do we update clients regularly about the progress of their work, but we also adhere to timelines that are set at the beginning of their projects. Of course troubleshooting can sometimes be an unpredictable animal, but we aim to be as transparent with timelines as possible.

We offer two payment options at Denver Website Repair. For clients who don’t want to make a down payment, we offer a pay-as-you-go option, where we will invoice you every 5-8 hours for work completed. This is great for smaller projects, troubleshooting, or for clients who are especially weary of web designers. For clients looking to maximize their value, we offer a more economical plan that requires a down payment. This is a great option for folks with larger scale projects with clear objectives. Check out our Prices page to learn more about our payment options.

Many of our clients come to us after learning that their projects had been outsourced overseas, or after attempting to work with freelancers who are cheap, but out of town. We find that working with local clients helps us stay in the loop and offer better services. This also allows us to meet with you face to face to discuss your objectives, and to return your calls at an hour that respects your timezone.