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Lead Project Sales and Supervisor

Beautifully suited for all your web-based needs

Position: Lead Project Sales & Supervisor
Salary: Up to $48,000 Base per year + Commission (Depending on experience)

Denver Website Repair, LLC is looking for a Lead Project Sales and Supervisor to join a team of web and computer professionals specializing in repair and updates. Our company is located in Downtown Denver and looking for one strong, motivated salesperson and manager to join our team and our family.

We offer:

  • +40 hours per week (full time) employment
  • +Fast, regular raises based upon performance, with a top hourly rate of $25 / hour plus commission and bonuses, and a transition to salary at that rate ($4,000 / month before commissions) after six months. Commissions are up to 10% of project closings.
  • +The ability to work occasionally from home
  • +Later workdays available (the Denver Website Repair?workday starts at 9:00am and ends at 6:30pm, you can choose an early or a late start.)
  • +Full control of your work team
  • +No direct programming, design, or development required (but knowledge of the field is a must!)
  • +We take the slack for difficult and non-paying clients
  • +Paid vacations (up to 10 days a year for new lead supervisors, 13 days for current supervisors)
  • +Health, Dental, and Vision Benefits (after 90 days)


Your role and responsibilities will include:

  • supervising the project management team (who in turn manage a small team of 9 to 10 team members each)
  • using our quoting system to generate cost estimates
  • meeting with clients and returning calls (with notes, passed on from another company member)
  • seeking new leads (occasional real world contact)
  • auditing the project progress and daily work of the other two project managers
  • opening and closing client contact
  • logging project closure of Project Managers
  • managing client escalations (post Project Manager)
  • and closing sales (client projects)


Actual project work is handled by team members and managed directly by that team??s project manager. Your goal will be to essentially close sales contracts and supervise completion once the project goes to production. You’ll be primarily working from the downtown office, and while you can sometimes work through your tasklist at home, applicants need to live in the Denver area.

After a successful interview, you??ll be expected to go through a paid 30 day evaluation, where we??ll be working closely with you and training your for the position, as well as evaluating your interaction with the team and the company. After this period, you??ll have access to the office, be raised to a normal rate of pay (commensurate with experience) and will considered a full time supervising employee.

Project sales commissions are 3% of the total project cost (at an average project rate of $1500 / project, currently roughly 10 to 20 projects a week). Lead Project Sales and Supervisors also receive an additional 2% of project closings on completion of contract (for a total of 5% of the total project cost.. Whether you work from home or at the offices, employees are still expected to show up on time, sign on to the company PM hub, and work throughout their scheduled workday.

Strong sales experience and a background in web development and / or design would be an ideal placement for this position. You’ll be expected to be able to step right in on the day you start; the queue is full and projects are waiting. We work as a team, and as a team member, you??ll be challenged and expected to work as a part of the team as a whole.

To be considered for a Lead Project Supervisor (LPS) position She / He needs to have a background in the following:

  • +Sales (Including cold calls, following leads, leads generation)

  • +Fundamental understanding of web-related work and the Internet

Applicants without these core skills will not be considered for this position.

Applicants with additional skills will also be strongly considered for this position. Preferred additional skills include:

++Web technologies: HTML5 / CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, XML, etc.
++Wordpress / Joomla Customization and Specialization
++Some experience with Magento, Zen and other cart platforms
++Basic Hosting Administration
++Photoshop CS+ and Graphic Design Skills

Please send a resume along with a sample of your work and a cover letter explaining your current work situation and career goals. You MUST live in the Denver area for this position. Individuals seeking employment ONLY. Please, no companies. Please email Stephanie at? jobs@commontiger.com to apply for an interview.