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Careers @ Denver Website Repair

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Position: Office & Project Coordinator
Hourly: 11.50 / hour for training and 12.50 to start, with a top hourly rate of 22.50/ hour plus commissions (up to 10% of project closing amount). Position begins with a paid training and evaluation period of two to four weeks. Pay is biweekly.

Your role and responsibilities will include:

  • initial call answering and client contact
  • regular project time and client info audits
  • client duties (ideally including some initial sales contact and regular client followups)
  • making regular updates to the website and Facebook pages
  • coordinating work and office items with the project manager


Basic office and sales skills is always a plus. Again, we will always be willing the train the right person for this position, and development knowledge is not a requirement to work here as an OPC (office and project coordinator). Applicants need to live in the Denver area. [ click here to learn more ]



Position: Junior Level PHP / MySQL / HTML / CSS Switch Hitter
Salary: Up to $33,600 per year (Depending on experience)

Developers that we are looking for must be able to meet timelines and have strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills and ability. She / He must also be at least junior level proficient in all of the following:

  • +PHP5 with MySQL
  • +CSS
  • +HTML4/5


Applicants without these core skills will not be considered for this position.

Applicants with additional skills will also be strongly considered for this position. Preferred additional skills include:

  • ++Web technologies: Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, etc.
  • ++Wordpress / Joomla Customization and Specialization
  • ++PostgreSQL, MsSQL, and other database platforms
  • ++XML
  • ++Some experience with Magento, Zen and other cart platforms
  • ++Basic Hosting Administration
  • ++Photoshop CS+ and Graphic Design Skills? [ click here to learn more ]