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We handle migrations, updates, change static websites to WordPress, create web shops, finish unfinished projects and more! We can step in and handle all kinds of tricky website and domain related problems: give us a call at 303.284.8144!


Website Repair & More

LAMP development (PHP / MySQL / Apache / Linux), WordPress, Magento, and Joomla customization, HTML5 and CSS, advanced site troubleshooting, upgrade, refacing and repair. We work with each of these technologies and quite a bit more. If you're not sure what you're dealing with, just give us a call and we can walk you through it and see if we can help. Call us at 303.284.8144 or send us a quick quote request and we'll follow up with you.


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Denver Website Repair

Who We Are and How We Got Here

Denver Website Repair has serviced over 200 local clients in its nearly four years of being in business. We work with PHP Web Development, MySQL, Javascript and AJAX issues, HTML and CSS for Web Design, and specialize in WordPress related issues. Of course, we're also super familiar with Joomla, Drupal, Magento, or custom sites using CodeIgniter or Laravel.

We can move your site, finish what you started, update and upgrade what you have, transform your site into a WordPress site, fix a hacked site, and more. If you're not sure if we handle your problem or situation, just give us a call at 303.284.8144!

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Flat Rate

$85 Per Hour*

  • Entire project work priced in advance.
  • Prepayment (50% deposit) and project milestones?required.
  • Consultations about your project are always FREE
  • Flat, fixed rate will not change due to minor overtime or small changes in scope.
  • FREE Training on Managing Your New Website
  • *All estimate based projects are time constrained and subject to overtime charges. Overage is billed at a reduced rate of $85 per hour for the first 20 hours, standard rates thereafter
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$89 Per Hour*

  • Pay nothing up front, pay as you go.
  • Project invoices occur at each check-in (every 1-7 work hours).
  • Consultations about your project are always FREE
  • Best for repair projects, upgrade projects, and update and maintenance work.
  • *(not including administration fee)
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Face-to-Face Consulting

$85 Per Hour

  • Includes:
  • Project Brainstorming
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Social Media Work & Help
  • Tutorials & Walkthroughs
  • *(not including administration fee)
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Meet the Team

What makes it work

Julian is project leader for local Denver projects, as well as the owner and founder of the national CommonTiger* enterprise and Denver Website Repair. At 36, Julian has worked in the Internet development industry since 1999. He??s worked in numerous areas, including website acquisition and sales (Internet Real Estate), marketing and ad sales, freelance development, startup consulting, and was the owner and creator of the Superlancers freelancer auction marketplace, Hostward, Gravity Magazine (Ohio), and other online and offline businesses. Skilled specifically in the web and design technologies. Skilled at HTML, CSS, PHP / MySQL, ASP / SQL, Javascript, AJAX, most major CMSes, shopping carts, hosting administration, LINUX, and php development frameworks, as well as social media marketing, SEO (context and meta), small business development, and the Adobe suite, Julian will be your primary project contact for work, initial consultations, and feedback.

Team Administrator

Ineta is a team administrator at Denver Website Repair. She handles all the social media, blogging, marketing and oversees the day to day business processes. came to US 13 years ago, calls Colorado her home and loves Denver and all it has to offer: sunshine, music, people, nature, art, etc. Ineta tries to stay involved in her community and keep up with current events. She is a recent graduate from MSUD

Team Member

Brian is a full stack web developer and designer with a strong history in graphic design and a lifelong love of writing code, having first embarked upon it by programming simple computer games in MS-DOS Basic around 1992. He started his career with a graphic design internship and worked up to a project management position at Mediaworks Enterprise in Bangor Maine, working on projects for clients such as Verizon and the Katahdin Worksphere Initiative. Brian is passionate about expanding his knowledge and skills, and looks at every day as an opportunity to learn and grow from new challenges. When not writing code he enjoys practicing aikido and kempo, fire poi, illustration, snowboarding, or a good mountain bike trek, and continually furthers his education in computer science study through MITs open courseware program.

Team Member

Jon is a web developer and designer with the majority of his experience working in the front end of web sites. Jon began working in the web development field in 2011 while pursuing his Bachelors degree in Web Development and Design from Arizona State University. After graduation, Jon began focusing his time on developing new skills and learning new languages to further his experience in the field. A Colorado native, Jon enjoys spending his free-time in the mountains and exploring the great outdoors. If Jon isn't outside, you can likely find him rooting for one of Denver's local professional sports teams, especially the Denver Broncos.

Team Member

Max is a Denver native passionate about web design/development and content writing for websites. He is dedicated to becoming a Jack of all trades for web development, striving to be a great full-stack developer. Max's background is in HTML/CSS and JavaScript. He is all about the structure, flow and content of websites.

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